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Continued comments from our customers:

"After being tardy a few times, we decided to purchase
On·Task On·Time for Kids system.  We have always been on time since.   
There's even time to play with friends at school before the bell rings.
What a great way to start the day!"
-- Tina, mom of Cynthia 6, Cupertino, CA

"This has completely changed our lives – at least in the morning.
We used to have power struggles to get out the door.
Within a week, my daughter was trying to beat the clock.
She now gets ready without nagging and usually has time
to read or play before school.  It’s genius."
-- Paul, dad of Jacklyn 8, Los Angeles, CA

"I have set up
On·Task On·Time for Kids at Lotus for our morning routine
(8:45-9:45) and for waking up after nap (2:30-3:30). 3-4 kids write their names
on the unit, and they are to monitor that hour.  You should have heard them!
"I'm in charge, I'm in charge!" "I'm the boss"  They took their job seriously as
they were now the teachers!  Those in charge would let the others know that
it was time to put the toys away,to use the bathroom, to wash hands,  to read
books, to eat, to put shoes on......!  Your kids are so proud to be independent
that the teachers can just sit back and relax!
--Lynne Yamaichi, Director, Lotus Pre-School

"The timer eliminated the constant nagging and yelling!"
"Kids using the timer in the evening worked just as great as it did in the morning."
"Danielle is even helping Jason (younger brother) use it, too."
--Michelle, mom of Danielle 6, Cupertino, CA

"It’s great; she loves it and so do I…She’s ‘beaten the clock’ every time!!!
My AM’s are so peaceful now!!"
"Wow, she is so independent now! “
"It’s so much calmer now as I don’t have to find her and remind her all the time."
--Fran, mom of Bronwen 7, Cupertino, CA

"Makes the morning so much easier!",
"It really puts the responsibility on my daughter and relieves the stress and tension.”
--Karen, mom of Betty, 10, Seattle, WA

"I don't need the rewards; I love this!"
--Betty, age 10, Seattle, WA

"I love this product truly."  
"The timer keeps (my daughter) moving.  She races around the house and
goes to check  where she is on the timer."  
--Eve, mom of Sally, 11, Seattle, WA

"I think this is a clever and genuinely useful product.  This is a must-have tool
for parents who are developing organized and self motivated kids.”
"This simplifies normal routine chores, removing the need for regular parental nagging.”
--Ben, dad of  David,7 and Grace,6 Cupertino, CA

"Already, it has made our lives and morning and bedtime routines a lot easier.  
It’s been very helpful.”  
--Trisha, mom of Taylor, 8, and Kamryn, 6, San Diego, CA

"My daughter likes the timer and said it helped her remember what to do next."
"Helps her remember everything she needs to do and what she needs to do next
without too much reminding.  It also helps motivate her since she is very
competitive and wants to get done before the timer goes off."
--Wendy, mom of Emily, 6, San Diego, CA

"Frankie is doing great…The system is working."
--Tanya, mom of Frankie,  5, New Jersey

"We set the timer up and it worked wonders today!"
--Lesly, mom of Kenton, 5, San Jose, CA

"I didn't need to remind my son of what things needed to be done; he would look
at the timer.  He loved the graphics, setting it up, figuring out what the routine
would be, and in what order the routine would happen."
--Suzanne, mom of Coleman 6, Seattle, WA

"It’s a great idea that I was always looking for."
--Peggy, mom of Derek,  Cupertino, CA
"It really puts the
responsibility on my
daughter and relieves
the stress and

-Karen,  mom  of  
Betty, 10
Seattle, WA

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