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Parents know they should set up and maintain routines with school age children, but many
parents find themselves nagging their kids to stay on task.  Using the
On·Task On·Time
for Kids
timer gives you a better way to start and end your day.  Here are a few
comments from our customers:

Night and day difference w/ 4 & 7 year old....  My husband travels a lot, so it is
extremely helpful to have this device meanwhile I am getting myself ready for work,
making their breakfast, taking the dog out, etc etc….  Excellent product, as  the kids
don’t know what time it is!  And my daughter found great motivation in arranging her
own schedule and sticking to it.  I used a 5 minute blank for her “wake-up time,” where
she drew a cute picture of herself stretching with the sun coming up (as if!  Really it’s
more dragging and pulling her out of bed, But it was cute).  The device also pointed out
something very important to me that I had not realized---and had caused us to be late
so often-I had been allowing 45 min for morning routine, but when we mapped it out,
I saw that best case scenario, it really takes 52 minutes.  And I should go ahead and
throw another 8 minute cushion in there for unexpected traffic delays.  Thanks again!
Lisa, mom of 4 and 7 year olds in Texas

I have an 8 year old son with ADHD and I had reached my wits end with trying to figure
out a system to keep him on track.  I cannot tell you how many times we were rushing out
the door, both of us frustrated because of practically being late.  There were some
mornings I just couldn't handle the fight anymore and would barely say a word and just go
through the motions.  We are on our second day of using The Timer and it's like the
environment in the house, not just in the mornings but after school and dinner have done
a complete 180.  I only had to show him once how it worked, with a few reminders of the
need to carry it with him so he knew what to do, set up a weekly and monthly reward
system and that was it!  Tonight was my husband's first experience of watching our son
with it and he told me, "That thing is awesome.  I barely had to say a word to him."  
Thank you sooooooo much for making this happen and providing a way for me to enjoy
my child again without all the stress.  Keep up the great work!!!
Seanna, mom in Florida

What a super idea!  My 3rd grader loves this timer and I am only around in the a.m. to get
his breakfast ready, give him kisses, and stay out of his way.  The design is great and
the flexibility and functionality are just what we needed..... I couldn't be happier.  The task
timer may not be needed by everyone, but I imagine anyone who had one, and
used it properly, would find themselves more relaxed and happier when they dropped
off their kids AND tucked them in.
Brenda,  mom in Texas

We bought your on task on time clock about a year and a half ago for our then 8 year
old son.  It was a life changer. It really helped us all get through morning and evening
routines much more calmly and efficiently.
Zahava, mom in Israel

The stress of getting up every day and getting my kids off and ready prompted me
to get these timers and I am so glad I did.  It's the only one I know out there that has
specific pictures to guide the kids through their tasks in a given time period.  It's more
than a chore chart. This gives them much more ownership of what they should do, rather
than it coming from a yelling, nagging, mom.  They even seem to actually like using it,
trying to see if they could even beat the timer.  They get a sense of accomplishment when
they have stayed on task.  Thanks On-Task On-Time for a great product and wonderful
customer service.
Erica, mom of two On-Task Kids in California

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice these past few days.
We were able to put the timer into place this morning, and despite my worries it would
not work out right away and take some practice, it worked INCREDIBLY well!  I cannot
tell you what difference that item made in our morning.  Literally night and day.

I know we'll have to keep at it, and nothing can be like clock-work 100% of the time, but
this was a wonderful start!  In particular because my son had had a bad night last night:
nightmares, got me up, etc.  I figured the timer idea would fall apart completely.  I think
he was intrigued by the novelty of beating it, and I was able to reward him immediately.

Thank you again.  This is a GREAT item, and I'll be sure to tell anyone who will listen to
me about it.
Lesley, mom in New York

We REALLY LOVE our timers!  The kids call them "Tick Tock" and "Tick Tock Two".

The kids decorated the timers with stickers, and they feel they "own" them.
We put ticks in the Monday to Sunday boxes, then a star at the end if they get 7 ticks.
The kids then trade each star for TV or computer time.

They work better than the iPhone apps we tried, because:
A) They keep reminding the kids by ticking.
B) The kids kept switching to an iPhone game app instead of the timer app.
C) We store the timers on the bookshelf in the evening so the kids can see
how many ticks they need to get their next treat.

Once again, thanks for making our routines so much easier - they really do work.
:)  David (Australia)

We didn’t use it the first few days of the new school year and the mornings were
a nightmare. Going back to using it again made everything easier just like last year.
My daughter still finds it exciting to use.
Nancy, mom of Faith, Tennessee

I wanted to write to you to let you know that our daughter has been using the
for a week now, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  It was nothing short of a
miracle!  The first day using it she only needed one verbal reminder and she was
ready for school 10 minutes early (this never happens).  The second day, no reminders
and she was ready 15 minutes early!  It has completely changed our interactions with
each other.  She enjoys it and after the first morning of using it, she came home from
school and asked if we could set up her afternoon disc and evening disc.  Amazing!  
You can see it on her face that she has a sense of pride that she is able to get herself
ready in the morning.  A child's self esteem is established through self confidence and
self confidence is gained by being able to complete tasks or activities on your own.  
I will be forever grateful to you and your invention!  
Marcy, mom in Ohio

Our six year old is diagnosed with ADHD, and we cannot get ready for school without
On-Task unit.  You have invented a terrific product!
Katya, mom of 6 year old son, Portland, Maine

I have been very impressed with
On·Task On·Time for Kids.  I decided to order two
because of the personalities of my children (ages 8 and 10).  The younger is quite
agreeable, while the older tends to take charge, and I wanted to encourage the
younger one to be able to be the boss of his own chores.  Since we've gotten our units
in September (and we got them as birthday presents!), I would not say all the problems
are solved.  But the problem of the children knowing what to do is solved, and the
obedience problems are illuminated so that when they don't get it all done, we can
see a bit more easily where the problems lie.  We are home schoolers and love the help
with structure in the mornings and at night (we haven't done our night "wheel" as often
yet, though).  The 10-year old is diabetic and we include in her chores the checking of
her sugar and giving herself insulin... As you might guess, this makes it a matter of not
only the sanity that comes to all of us from being better organized, but of instilling
essential habits into her for her health's sake... I wondered if my children were too old,
but they aren't.  In fact, another mom friend and I agree that we could probably use
one ourselves!  I could not have asked for better customer service when I have had
questions and concerns.  Thank you so much, and thank you for this valuable product!
Dee Dee, mom of 2, North Carolina

It's been a few months now since my daughter has been using
On·Task On·Time
and I wanted to let you know how it's worked wonders for her.  She enjoys using it still,
looks forward to it really, and things are very calm around here.  There has been no
nagging, yelling or getting too frustrated.  Her teacher has even noticed a difference
in her time management skills at school.  Thank you so much!
Danna, mom of Lexi 6, Hartford, CT

Let me just let you know how thrilled I am with this product! I bought one for my son
and it has worked like a charm. My daughters begged me for their own and I'm looking
forward to a stress-free morning, a thing I never knew could be possible!
-- Sharon, mom of three On-Task On-Time Kids, Swampscott, MA

My step daughter is diagnosed with ADHD and a Mood Disorder NOS.  She also
receives OT, PT and speech to address other neurological issues.  Based on all
of these needs she has no sense of time. A clock and regular timer did not assist
us with daily routines, she also could not remember her daily routine. she was
constantly late. With the visual timer somehow it sunk in that this was somehow
helpful to her in measuring time. Although things are not perfect this is one less
battle I have to fight in the morning and after school. I do appreciate the timer
every day, I was driving myself crazy her level of functioning was not going to
change.  Even ADHD medication did not help me at home based on when it kicks
in and when it wears off.  The timer is truly a peace maker in my household.
No more yelling.... this is true...
-- Anonymous Mom

We started using the
On·Task On·Time for Kids timer a few months back when
we first got it and it's AMAZING what a positive change in our routine it's made.  
Like you mentioned, it just ELIMINATES the power struggles.
-- Christine, mom of Giuliana 5, Novato, CA

Ryann got up this morning and I went in her room with the
On·Task On·Time
for Kids
Timer.  Her eyes immediately  got big and she wanted to know more
about it.  I had it ready for her (not recommended- but worked for us) I told her
that she had shown her dad and I that she was completely capable  of getting
ready on her own for K and this tool is something that could help her.  “I said what’s
the first thing on the wheel showing you to do?” (picture of the girl and the toilet)  
she says “going to get my milk for toonie."  GULP!  After a few minutes of explaining
the wheel and showing her the part on it for toonies and milk she rolled her eyes and
said “Let’s go.”  I had made a few home changes that helped with the system.  I got
all of her bathroom stuff labeled so each task had a destination.  For example all of
her tooth care is in its own jar ready for her to get to.  Same for her hair stuff and
sunblock.  This is the first time she has been totally in charge of doing this on her
own.  She loved it!  I also set up her little toy kitchen with a b-fast menu and all the
food and toaster, bowls, plates and utensils at her level.  She loved this!  I could
never get her to eat b-fast before preschool (power struggle between us)  but today
she chose from her menu and made her own food and sat at the bar and ate.  Not
one word of complaint! Kindergarten here we come!  WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL!  
I feel so lucky to have had this!  Day 1 was such a success I highly recommend this product!
-- Liz, mom of Ryann 5, Novato, CA

"This dang thing works!  This morning was our first
On·Task On·Time test....
She was actually ready 'early' and standing by the door.  She even made sure the twins
were dressed!  She carried that timer around like it was her little dolly.  There was only
one fight when my boy twin turned the dial.  She could tell by looking at the timer that
she had some time to sit and play blocks with the twins, and she even remembered we
forgot to put a brush teeth sticker on for the morning routine wheel. So far so good!
-- Dianne, mom of Kellyann 5, Jeffrey 3, Kimberly 3, St. Augustine Beach, FL

"I absolutely love your timer!  Cassie is completely addicted to it - she pulls it out
on her own now, and won't take a bath or pick up without it right there.  Every mom
everywhere should have one of these!
-- Susan, mom of Cassie 9, Delaware, OH

"Kathryn loves her
On·Task On·Time timer, with a morning routine that  she
helped create. After setting the timer herself, she carries it around  the
house while doing the tasks that are shown. She feels more independent
and good about getting ready for school all by herself. She¹s more
motivated to get up in the morning just so she can start the timer running.
On·Time for Kids
frees me up to get myself ready. We all go to school much
happier and less harried."
-- Sheri, mom of Kathryn 7, Cupertino, CA
"Let me just let you
know how thrilled I
am with this
product!  I bought
one for my son and
it worked like a
charm.  My
daughters begged
me for their own
and I'm looking
forward to a
morning, a thing I
never knew could
be possible!

Sharon, mom of
three On-Task
On-Time Kids
Swampscott, MA

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