On-Task On-Time for Kids Visual Timer
Visual timer for morning routines
"I wanted to write
to you to let you
know that our
daughter has been
using the On-Task
On-Time for a
week now, and we
couldn't be more
thirlled!  It was
nothing short of a

-Marcy, mom in Ohio

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Tips for Success

Begin with the End in Mind:
On·Task On·Time for Kids is designed for children's daily
routines.  Begin by selecting the final task for a given
routine.  For example, the last task of a child's morning
routine might be "Leave home."  The last task for a child's
bedtime routine might be "Lights out."

Create the Routine Disk
Create your child's daily routine by applying the task
stickers to the Routine Disk.  Easily change your routine by
removing and re-positioning the task stickers.

Install the Routine Disk
When it is time for your child to get ready for school, get
ready for afternoon activities, or get ready for bed, insert
the appropriate Routine Disk onto the
On·Task Timer Unit.

Start the Routine
Turn the On·Time handle so that the first task is lined up
with the
On·Task tab.  The Routine Disk will rotate
counter-clockwise and the color indicators will show what
tasks should be completed (red), what should be done now
(green), and what are coming up next (yellow).

Don't forget to reward and encourage success!

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On-Task Task Stickers
Easy setup of task routines
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Easy installation of task routine disk
Visual timer for daily routines
Not for children under 3 yrs.