Invention helps parents solve 'nagging' problem
By Erin Hussey

Moschel Kadokura, President of Timely Matters, Inc., was featured in
a newspaper article describing the On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer.  
To read the entire article, please go to the archives section (enter
"Timelymatters" in the search) and browse past issues for the
October 17, 2007 Edition of the Cupertino Courier.
Get kids to school on time: OnTask OnTime For
By Dean Takashashi

The On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer was featured in a Tech Talk
by Dean Takashashi.  Dean has been a journalist for almost 19
years, most of it covering technology business news. For about 12
years, he has been covering tech news in Silicon Valley.  Read the
entire article, along with reader comments at:
The Tech Talk Blog (Dec 13, 2007)
Moschel explains how the On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer
progressed from a sanity-saving home invention, to a working An
interview with Moschel Kadokura, President of Timely Matters, Inc.,
was featured in Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog.
prototype, and finally into a business.  
The Business Opportunities
Weblog is a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities
helping  entrepreneurs find the right business.   Please read the
entire interview at:
Keep Your Kids On Time While Making It Fun (Jan 10, 2008)
Timely Matters, Inc.
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The On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer has been listed in the
following publications:

The On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer was a featured article in the Twins and Multiples section.  See how twins Sarah and
entire article
"Teaching Kids to Mind the Clock and Manage Daily
Routines"  by Pamela Prindle Fierro.

The On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer has been listed in Sue Scheff
Book Reviews and More.  Sue Scheff is the founder of P.U.R.E.™,  
Parents Universal Resource Experts, an organization that assists
parents in finding trustworthy programs for their children struggling
with issues like addiction, violence and attention deficit disorder.  
San Francisco View From The Bay

The On·Task On·Time for Kids Timer was featured in a series of
blog articles by Amy Graf in
The Mommy Files.  Amy also appeared
ABC's View From The Bay to demonstrate how the On·Task
segment here.
Hartford Special Needs Examiner

Educating about autism and other special needs has always been a
great passion for Danna Mann. She has twin boys, an autistic
daughter and three step children, one of which is also autistic.  
Danna writes about
On·Task On·Time for Kids in the Hartford
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inspiration. and advice for dads-delivered from the male perspective.
There are timely relevant polls, community forums, and a database
of helpful medical, developmental, and educational articles from
across the Web.
Lylah M. Alphonse is a full-time editor and writer at the Boston
Globe, where she has worked since 1994. She is also a freelance
writer, editor, and blogger: Lylah writes about parenting issues in
the Child Caring column at, and about juggling career
and parenthood.  See Lylah's comments about
On·Task On·Time
for Kids at Write. Edit. Repeat.
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Not for children under 3 yrs.
Nadia Abou Shanab writes articles to provide everyday tips for
parents and educators to make life better for autistic kids and their
parents.  Nadia has also written a book,
Everyday Life with
to help people understand, teach, and communicate with
children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Her book is available at
iTunes and Amazon.  Nadia's blog can be found at  Read Nadia's description of On-Task
On-Time for Kids.
On-Task On-Time for Kids was reviewed by Jenn Choi on the Toys
are Tools website.  Jenn created her blog when she realized that she
needed a better way to select toys for her two young sons.  Jenn
reviews toys by first sorting toys by skills and features that parents
and teachers want to develop further, and not by age.  After all,
children advance their skills on different timelines.  Please take a
look at
Jenn's review of On-Task On-Time for Kids.