FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  February 27, 2008


Mother of triplets invents an illustrated timing system to eliminate parental nagging and reminding.  
Teaches children time management and builds independence and self esteem.

Cupertino, California February 27 Timely Matters, Inc. launches, OnTask OnTime for Kids, a
children’s illustrated task and time management system.  Invented by Moschel Kadokura, mother of  
triplets plus one, the OnTask unit guides children to independently complete each task in their
morning, afternoon and bedtime routines.  

Parenting experts agree that the most successful strategy to tackling difficult transition periods is to
have a well structured routine.  The On Task sets up that structure and then gives children a focal
point to step through each task in a timely manner.   

First, the goal of the routine is established; in the morning, it is to leave home on time; in the
afternoon, tasks are drawn to complete homework, music practice, chores, etc; in the evening, the
goal is to be ready for sleep.  Then, together a parent and child set up a routine on one of the three
plastic, color coded disks using 52 colorfully drawn task stickers.  At the appropriate time, the child
starts the timing mechanism by turning the routine disk on the On Task unit. As the routine disk
moves, the child can focus on what he/she should be doing, what is coming up next, and what tasks
already should be done. A demonstration video is available online at  

Kadokura invented this system over thirteen years ago when getting her then five-year-old triplets
ready for kindergarten. “Getting my kids ready was an hour-long struggle filled with my constant
nagging and yelling,” recalls Kadokura.  “The first time I used this system, I had a wonderful feeling
of being relaxed and in control during a once hectic and stress-filled time of day. I couldn’t believe
how my children would race to get each task done. Once they completed everything, they stood
proudly by the door and said, ‘We got ready by ourselves!’” Her children used the first prototype for
four years.  

With the input of over twenty families, Kadokura developed the current system and is introducing
OnTask On Time for Kids through online sales on her website  The unit
retails for $49.95 plus shipping.  

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