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The Start of On·Task On·Time for Kids

by Moschel Kadokura, President

On·Task On·Time for Kids has been twelve years in the making.   This time  
management system sprang from my necessity to have my five-year-old
triplets ready for school every morning and maintain my sanity at the same
time.  (They are now seventeen and seniors in high school, and I have been
told I am still relatively sane).

As in most busy households, getting my children out of bed, fed, dressed,
organized, and out the door was quite a task.  Every morning started with
my gentle reminders:  "Please get dressed." (three times for each task);
which turned into nagging, "Hurry up and get dressed!";  then yelling,
"Why aren't you dressed yet??!!!"

By the time we were out the door, we were in a frenzy and late.  Then, three
days out of five, we made the desperate run back to the house for the
forgotten lunch, library book, or sharing item.  The pressure of making it
"by the bell" really added to the stress.

The source of the conflict was that routine tasks needed to be done in a
timely manner.  All the tasks were simple, and repeated each day. My children
could complete everything on their own, but they needed constant reminders
and nagging from me to keep them on-task.  I realized that if I removed myself
from the reminding and nagging role, they would be able to complete
everything on their own.  Thus,
On·Task On·Time for Kids was born.

After using this
On·Task system successfully for three years, I tucked it away
thinking that I was the only person who needed such a system - because of
the unique challenges that came with triplets.  However, we had another child
eight years later, and when he started kindergarten, I found myself with the
same challenge.  He could not get himself ready and through a routine without
my reminders.  Now that he has started third grade, he also successfully uses
On·Task system during the school year on school days (we break from
routine on weekends and summer).

My children enjoyed using the timer because it gave them a sense of purpose
and independence in the morning.  They became more confident and self-reliant
because they knew what they were supposed to do and when to do it.  They
were rewarded with a few minutes of Sesame Street when they  "beat the
timer" (TV in the morning was usually not allowed).  They were happy that
they didn't have a harassed mother nagging them.

Purpose for the On·Task On·Time for Kids

Many parenting experts agree that an established routine helps children during
transition from sleep to school; from school time to home; from family time
to bed time.  A routine promotes stability by letting children know what is going
to happen next and
what they are expected to accomplish.

On·Task On·Time for Kids was designed so that parent and child could
establish that daily routine with fun pictures and a reward system.  It helps
children stay on-task and work independently, thus building self-esteem and
self-reliance.  Because it removes a parent from nagging or constantly reminding
a child of what to do, parents can focus on their own tasks during transition
times as well.

What this system does not do:
  • It is not meant to be used all hours of the day or intrude on the natural
    spontaneity of young children
  • It is not meant to rush a child or speed up a routine.
  • It is not meant to be an authority over children.

The first time I used this system, I had a wonderful feeling of being relaxed
and in-control during a once hectic and stress-filled time of day.  I hope that
by using the
On·Task On·Time for Kids, you too will be able to say good-bye
to stressful mornings, afternoons, and nights filled with power struggles, and
you will enjoy watching your child become more self-reliant, independent,
and confident.

Moschel Kadokura and Family
"Our six year old is
diagnosed with
ADHD, and we
cannot get ready for
school without our
On-Task unit.  You
have invented a
terrific product!"

-Katya, mom in
Portland, Maine

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Moschel Kadokura, President, describes the inspiration and process for starting On·Task
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