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Frequently Asked Questions

In developing this product, we have worked with a number of  families.  
Here are some of the questions we've encountered.

Is the price too high?

We believe On·Task On·Time for Kids is a tool that can be used every day,
every week of the year.  It is not a toy that will be used for two weeks and
never touched again.  With our timer, you can have 52 weeks a year without
morning and evening battles.  We guarantee that our timer will continue to run
for one full year.

For what age range is the On·Task On·Time for Kids best suited?

This product was designed for children grades kindergarten through 5th grade
(ages 5 to 12 yrs), although some younger children and some older children
have also used
On·Task On·Time for Kids successfully.

Why is there a Choking Hazard warning?

The caps for the dry-erase markers and the repositional stickers should not
be handled by children under 3 years old.

Is On·Task On·Time for Special-Needs Children Only?

No, it seems that most young children have their own sense of time.
On·Task On·Time for Kids is for all children who would benefit from a strong
structure in their routine, and visual timer cues.

What if I want to change the routine after I've put the stickers on
the disk?

The stickers have repositionable adhesive and can be removed and reused.  
Just peel the sticker off the disk, and place it in the new position.

What if there isn't a sticker for the task I want?

Blank stickers are included in the basic package, so you can make your own
tasks using a permanent marker.

How long is each routine?

Each routine disk will cover a maximum of one hour.
The individual task stickers vary in time from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, but can
be customized by overlapping stickers (to shorten the time) or leaving extra
space (increasing the time).

Do I need one timer for each of my children?
If your children’s routines are very similar and they are run during the same
time, one
On·Task unit should work well.  If your younger child is good-
natured about following his/her older sibling, it’s recommended that the routine
be set up for the older child.  Then, the older child can be in charge and help the
younger child step through the routine.   

However, if the routines for your children are very different because of age
differences or time constraints, a timer for each child would work the best.

My child says that the sound of the timer ticking makes him nervous.  
What should I do?

If your child is anxious about the sound of the timer ticking, try a few days
without activating the timer.  Just place the Routine Disk on the
On·Task unit,
and all the tasks will be displayed in the order to be completed, but your child
will not need to worry about the ticking.

There are certain days of the week that my child needs special
reminders, but it is not every day.  How do I include these reminders?

The whiteboard was included just for these special days.  You can write special
notes or reminders with the included dry-erase markers.

What types of task stickers do you supply?

Here is a list of the types of task stickers supplied with the basic package.

Leave home                  Lights out (Evening)         All done                        
Comb hair                     Take vitamins                  Brush teeth                
Use toilet                      Wash hands                     Pick up clothes        
Pick outfit                      Hang towel                     Floss teeth                
Wash face                     Get (back)pack               Put on shoes                
Clear table                    Feed pet                         Put on coat                
Get dressed (AM)          Put on PJ’s (PM)              Pack lunch                
Organize (back)pack     Put away clothes             Make bed                
Pick up toys                  Do homework                 Practice music        
Eat breakfast                Eat snack                        Read book                
Gather gear                  Do chores                       Take bath                
"I just want to thank
you from the bottom
of my heart for your
advice these past
few days.  We were
able to put the timer
into place this
morning, and
despite my worries
it would not work
out right away and
take some practice,
it worked
I cannot tell you
what a difference
that item made in
our morning.  
Literally night and

-Lesley, mom in New

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